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Value Engineering

Pre-construction is one of the most important phases in a construction project, and the decisions made during this stage can significantly affect the budget, schedule and the overall quality of our client’s finished product.

DMK Development Group believes value engineering should be much more than simply an exercise in reducing costs. Our pre-construction value engineering services can improve project teamwork, increase value and improve scheduling, as well as identify hidden costs and keep a project at or below budget.

DMK Development will utilize our vast experience in senior housing operations, development and construction to work with senior living operators to identify and realize all their key goals. The DMK project team includes estimators, project managers and field supervisors whose job is focused on maximizing a client’s facility requirements and overall budget objectives.

Benefits of DMK Development’s value engineering services include:

  • Cost reduction. We can research and provide options for less expensive alternatives to specified materials or systems.
  • Value added. Our experienced team can suggest higher quality products that will increase a project’s overall value and the client’s satisfaction with the project.
  • Life-cycle analysis. Value engineering can offer options that can create a balance between initial construction costs and the long-term operational budget of a senior housing development.
  • Maintainability. Our team can recommend systems and products that will reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building.

There is simply no substitute for advance planning and careful design. DMK Development’s value engineering services can save our clients time and money while ensuring a superior end result.