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Design Build Services

Our turn-key, design-build services bring our client’s visions to life. We are experts in innovation for senior housing, offering both architectural and engineering design consulting services. We’ll also manage all budgeting, scheduling, and construction phases of a project, including land acquisition, zoning permits, utilities, site work, and procurement.

Experienced Design Build Team

No two senior housing projects are alike. That’s why DMK Development develops a customized solution for each healthcare construction project. DMK will analyze a client’s vision and project requirements to create the optimum design team for each project.

DMK understands that design selection is one of the most comprehensive and critical steps in a healthcare construction project. We offer full-service design-build consulting services, coordinating all design efforts from initial budgeting to product delivery.

Design drawing of facility concept
Architectural Blueprint Design

Design Build Process

Based on specific project requirements, DMK will identify and hire only the most qualified and experienced architects, civil and structural engineers, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical contractors, interior designers, and other vendors for a given project. Clients can rest assured that all professionals involved in the design process have specialized expertise in healthcare construction, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Once design services are in place, DMK then serves as a full-service general contractor and construction manager for the project, ensuring no design detail goes overlooked. We manage all budgeting, scheduling, and construction phases of a project, including site acquisition, zoning permits, utilities, pre-construction work, procurement, and vendor relations.