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Asset Repositioning

Emerging trends in the senior living space call for operators to continually re-evaluate their facility and service offerings. Because of our years of experience in both healthcare operations and building services, DMK Development has a keen awareness of health facility needs, specifically in the senior housing market. We partner with existing senior housing communities to evaluate options for expansion and have the ability to manage all facets of the repositioning process.

Unlike many contractors, DMK is seasoned in the “art” of how to manage retrofit projects in occupied spaces. Our team knows that we are not simply building a brick-and-mortar structure; we are working in people’s homes.

Benefits of working with us:

  • First-hand experience in navigating healthcare operators’ day-to-day challenges – our goal is to assure minimal disruptions during the construction process.
  • DMK communicates early and often with facility administrators to effectively manage patient/resident traffic flow, as well as dust and noise mitigation. Our flexible scheduling approach allows DMK to be agile in adapting to operators’ needs.
  • Our top priority is to ensure the safety and security of all residents and facility staff while our constructions crew is on site during a renovation or expansion.
  • For the safety of your residents/staff, each member of our crew is required to submit to a criminal background check, and they must wear an identifying name badge at all times.

By understanding the specific project needs and addressing them with the right staff and field direction, we can make your conversion or retrofit project a success that’s on time AND budget.


Dowagiac, Michigan

For over 25 years, DMK’s specialized team has spearheaded the financing, acquisition and development of over 300 senior housing and healthcare related projects. From design to turn-key construction, DMK has a proven track record in renovations and repositioning projects in occupied senior living residences. The team at DMK is much more than just construction, we work to ensure that each aspect of the project exceeds your resident’s wants and needs and help you to maximize your asset. Preserve the value of your project, with DMK.


DMK was hired to perform a detailed market study and feasibility analysis to determine the best possible use of a skilled nursing facility that had been closed by the state 24 months prior. Upon completion of an in-depth study, it was determined that the market had adequate size and depth to support the re-opening of a completely renovated facility.


The existing site was dated, institutional, and aesthetically displeasing both inside and out. To convert the resident room configuration from all semi-private rooms and to increase the overall living space, the project included both a renovation of the existing space and an addition of 15,000 square feet of new construction. The facility required complete revamping of existing electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, and a re-design of both exterior and interior finishes to allow the addition to blend seamlessly.


The additional square feet allowed for 20 additional private rooms and included a new canopy entrance, business offices, private dining and spacious living/lounge areas. One year after the project was completed, The Timbers achieved its goal of becoming the facility of choice in the market, as evidenced by consumer response, by surpassing its budgeted census and financial targets.